Vineyards among the volcanoes

Grapevines and cellars in La Geria

The unique method grapevine cultivation in Lanzarote

The method of Grapevine cultivation in Lanzarote is unique to the island.From a barren wasteland a refine, fortified wine is produced, child of the lava, as strong as a volcano, pampered beneath volcanic ashes which absorbs treasured droplets of water from the dew releasing the moisture into the ground and preventing it from evaporating, essential in a land without water springs and which has the variety of Malvasia Volcanica, of international fame and prestige as its main banner.The peasant farmers of Lanzarote together with the help of their inseparable companion, the dromedary, with ingenuity, sacrifice and effort have made an ally of the volcanic sand in order to capture every drop of water in an adverse climate.


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The volcanic ash (also known as rofe o picon) which cover the enarenados (farmland covered in picon) retains the scarce rainwater that falls , absorbing it like a sponge and preventing any runoff from reaching the sea.It allows the water to rain, reaching the roots in the soil beneath an forms a layer from the sun, preventing evaporation.As it doesn’t have any organic properties, it is set aside and pits are dug in order to plant the grapevines in soil rich in nutrients.Nevertheless, the strong trade winds that blow in spring and summer burn the leaves that grow above the pits, for this reason small, semi-circular stone walls (zocos) are built to protect them.

This is how the spectacular and brethtaking Protected Landscape of La Geria came into being, the wine region par excellence of the island of the volcanoes, which you have the opportunity to admire and taste on any of the wine routes.
This landscape is dotted with several traditional family-run, and welcoming wineries, conveyor of the magic halo that surrounds wine cultivation in Lanzarote, where every year in the month of July, due to its climatic peculiarities, the first grape harvest of the year in the whole of Europe takes place.


‘La Geria’
La Geria harvest

Bodega La Geria is open every day where everyone is welcome.Located in the heart of winegrowing area of Lanzarote, known as La Geria as well, with a stunning views to the volcanoes.

The winery currently has a 450,000-liter capacity, mainly in stainless steel tanks and a smaller proportion in oak barrels, around 300,000 bottles are produced annually.

The main grapes used for are, Volcanic Malvasia for dry, semi-sweet, sweet wines and Listan negro grapes are used for reds and rosés.Moscatel de Alejandría grapes for sweet moscatels, the dessert wines.

It was built at the en of the XIX century, several villages very near were burried under the lava during the eruptions.


Phone: +34 928 173 178

Address: Crta. La Geria, Km. 19. 35570, Yaiza.


The winery,wine shop, museum, and restaurant are open daily from 10 to 8pm.

Their wines are sold in Europe, Asia and America.Rubicon Wines have the seal of guarantee “Denomination of Origin Lanzarote” and are awarded annually in the most prestigious international wine competitions.
The builing has been restored and its more than 300 years old.

Located in the La Geria Natural Park and framed by 100-year-old eucalyptus trees, the winery faces Timanfaya National Park.

Address:Carretera La Geria,2 – Yaiza, Lanzarote.
Phone: +34 928 173 708

‘El Grifo’
The oldest cellar in Canary Islands and one of the top 10 oldest cellars in Spain.More than 60.000 thousand people visit this celllar annually.

The vineyards at El Grifo have produced malvasía wines since the end of the XVIII century.
They are situated in the protected area of La Geria, in San Bartolome, an area covered with volcanic ash after the eruptions between 1730 and 1736.
Harvest is carried out manually resulting in approximately half a million bottles yearly.

Address: Lugar El Grifo Carretera Teguise-Uga, LZ-30, Km.11.35550 – San Bartolomé
Phone: +34 928 524 036


Address: Calle de la Geria, 17, 35570 Yaiza, Las Palmas.
Open every day from 10 to 6pm.

‘Los Bermejos’
Grapes use for the wines are Malvasia, Diego, Listan Negro and Moscatel.

Grapes are treated with the utmost respect, knowing the work and effort that goes into their care.

Address: Camino a los Bermejos, nº 7. 35550 – La Florida – San Bartolomé

Phone: 928 522 463 / 627 963 654


‘La Querencia’
Open from Monday to Saturday from 12 to 6pm.A familiar cellar with the best behaviour to the visitors.

Address: Carretera Uga
35570 La Geria
Phone: +34 676 34 29 24

‘Vega de Yuco’
A wine cellar of the Lanzarote Denomination of Origin, where you can book your wine tourism experience and visit our online wine store.

Address: Camino del Cabezo S/N
35572 Masdache, Tías,

Phone: 928 524 316
+34 609 217 014